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The climate is the classic continental climate with extreme temperatures in both winter and summer and with an annual rainfall of about 450 mm. The harsh climate favours the control of pests and diseases.


The low rainfall and efficient crop management translates into trees without excessive vigour with a fruit of the highest quality.



The exhaustive monitoring of the crop that controls its growth and ripening in order to establish the optimum harvesting time, together with the rigor in the management of the cultivation by our suppliers, allows us to mill a fresh and healthy fruit.


To this adds the good harvesting practices, since the olive is delivered on a daily basis and usually in small batches. This ensures the integrity of the fruit, its correct aeration while reducing the time elapsing until its subsequent milling.


During the oil extraction, temperature is always kept below 25º C to extract the fruit’s maximum flavour and aroma.


Our oils are filtered with cellulose plates for a better subsequent preservation.

Laguna Madrid